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The lowest price and highest quality Razor Wire Straight Line in malaysia

Material: Hot-dip galvanised/Stainless Steel

2500mm per pcs

Product description: We are main supplier , distributer and contractor for BRC Fencing , Perimeter Fencing, Anti Climb Fencing, Razor Wire , Barb Wire, Building safety Netting , Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Welded Mesh.

Straight line razor wire is also called straight razor barbed wire,straight razor barbed wire erected a variety of methods to choose from, It can rapid construction, not only saving funds, but also to achieve a deterrent effect. With razor wire and corrosion resistance of galvanized steel or stainless steel material made by the packet attached with special mechanical strength hot dip galvanized high carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire core wire to do. Because of the razor has a sharp appearance, high-strength wire, so that the product combines the good effect deter, damage difficult, beautiful and convenient to install, anti-aging and many other advantages.

Features: This product has anti-corrosion, aging, sunscreen, durable, anti-corrosion, longer life than ordinary wire, corrosion form of electroplating, hot dip, spray.

Application: mainly used for garden apartment, organization units, prisons, post, border protection, etc. confinement.

Technology: razor wire from the hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet stamping out sharp blade-shaped, high-tensile galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire core wire to do a combination of denial equipment. Because of the unique shape gill net is not easy to touch, which can achieve excellent protective isolation. The main products are galvanized material and stainless steel plate.

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