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The lowest price and highest quality Wedge Wire in malaysia


The features of wedgewire make it an ideal screening medium for many industries. Mineral processing, cement, chemical, coal, food processing, iron ore, sand, gravel and architecture are just some of the industries served by wedgewire throughout the world, with new applications being uncovered regularly.


High Open Area Percentage

Accuracy of Aperture Maintained

Longer Life

Product Versatility

Load Carrying Capacity

Alex provides design flexibility, with no application too large, small or unusual.


Flat Bed Panels

Sieve Bends/ DSM Screens

Centrifuge Baskets

Cylindrical Panels

Conical Units

Elution Columns

Trommel Screens

Static Screens

Intertank Screens

There is almost no limit to the shapes and sizes to which wedgewire can be formed, so if you have an application where wedgewire could be the answer, an enquiry to alex office will receive our immediate attention.

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